The Upper School advisory program supports the growth and development of each student. Using a collaborative approach that includes the advisory team, grade-level teachers, the student, and the school’s academic support services, our individual advisors address the needs of each student to nurture her personal development, monitor her academic progress, encourage community involvement, and foster open communication between the school and her family. By personalizing the learning process, the advisor helps each student navigate her academic program, discover her strengths and areas for growth, and become a more self-aware learner. Through advisory discussions, activities and relationships, our students learn to seek balance, advocate for themselves, make informed decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Small advisory groups promote connectedness and strive to be safe places in which to reflect upon personal values, as well as community standards.

Meet our Advisories!

Mrs. Pope Advisory 2021
Mrs. Prescott's Advisory 2021
Bracken Advisory
Feiring Advisory
Frost Advisory
Nichols Advisory
Yoder Advisory