R.E.D. Block Seminars

R.E.D. (Reflect. Explore. Do.) Block is the central strand of the Institute’s programs. This afternoon block of time will feature offerings designed around deep-thinking, exploration, and creative problem solving.Our aim is that every student will be involved in activities that foster resilience, promote healthy risk-taking, nourish passions, nurture curiosity, and promote purposefulness. 

In the ninth grade, the R.E.D. Block Seminars will build foundational understandings in key areas, with master teachers at the helm: Knowing Oneself and Working with Others, Power Systems, Engaged Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, and Peer Health. There will be a culminating project exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ways in which each of us can “think globally and act locally.”

In the 10th and 11th grades, students will work with tenets of leadership and entrepreneurship through multi-faceted R.E.D. Block Seminars they choose to take, including Creating Sustainable Food Systems in Baltimore, Design Thinking and Innovating in Global Health, How Financial Decision Making Empowers You to Follow Your Dreams, and Social Justice and Installation Art. Students work in small groups to research and refine solutions that respond to a specific need they have identified in the world.