Debate at Roland Park Country School offers our Upper School students the opportunity to exercise their voices and discover their purposes and passions in a collaborative, encouraging group setting. Students will use Policy, Big Questions and other formats of debate to sharpen their public speaking skills, learn how to develop an argument and consider a subject from multiple points of view. Infused with lively discourse, rigorous research techniques, and respect for difference of opinion, RPCS Debate cultivates critical thinking, group work and self-evaluation. Student debaters will compete beyond the RPCS school walls, first engaging in local, then regional and finally national competitions.


Sampling of 2019 Capstone Fellowship Projects

  • Molecular biology at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Urban farming at the Farm Alliance of Baltimore
  • Fashion at Ella Pritsker Couture
  • Bioethics and medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Medicine and advocacy at the Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasias, Johns Hopkins Hospital