Summer Internships & Fellowships

The RPCS Summer Internship and Fellowship Programs empower our students to pose questions about the world, embrace new challenges and search for their purpose as they step into real-world professions.

Summer Internships

The RPCS Summer Internship Program empowers our students to pose questions about the world, embrace new challenges and search for their purpose as they step into real-world professions. The program connects rising seniors with professional internship experiences in a wide range of career fields to build upon previous and future classroom learning. This program speaks to our vision for an RPCS education that connects classrooms to communities and equips our students with the future directed skills that enable their success here at RPCS and beyond into their professional journeys. Over the past five summers, this program has placed a total of 154 student interns in in fields including medicine, law, computer science, social work, finance—and many more interesting and enlightening areas for real world learning.


STEM Fellowships

The goal of the STEM Institute is to develop students with the confidence, passion, persistence, and curiosity to explore the empirical world and develop innovative habits of mind. STEM fellowships are completed by students in the Institute after taking project-based electives and rigorous academic coursework in science, technology, engineering and math. Students select a STEM field of study based on their interests and engage in an authentic, real-world opportunity. They build toward that experience through significant research and reflection, in consultation with the Director and on-site mentor.

Recent Internship and Fellowship Placements

Our rising seniors make the most out of their summers by participating in internships and capstone and STEM fellowships in fields ranging from molecular biology to urban farming. Check out just a few of the incredible experiences our students have had as they explored possible career paths. Learn more about our 2021 summer internship and fellowship placements. 

Total number of participants to date: 197 (typically around 40% of the junior class)

2022: 35
2021: 32
2020: 24
2019: 50
2018: 31
2017: 25

Sampling of Internship Placements

  • Stanford University’s Wall Lab
  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • FBI Teen Academy
  • Judge Lyn Stewart Mays
  • Women’s Law Center of Maryland
  • Brown Advisory Group
  • Nicole Miller, New York
  • The Institute of Marine Environmental Technology
  • University of Maryland Computer Science
  • zyBooks
  • McCormick & Company
  • BCT Architects
Interior Design
  • Jenkins Baer Associates
  • Mad Cow Interiors
Community Outreach
  • Baltimore Child Abuse Center
  • House of Ruth
  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
  •  ABC News
  •  NBC News