Computer Science Honors Society

ComputerScienceHonorSociety 2023-24

In its first year (2021-22 school year), our Computer Science Honors Society was awarded a grant from the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and Lockheed Martin! This grant was used to implement a student-led project to bring about engagement and excitement for computer science in younger students. The Honors Society decided to concentrate on the Middle School and create a fun advisory activity for them to get interested in computer science. Last school year, the Honors Society worked created multiple projects for Lower Schoolers with an additional grant from Lockheed Martin for that school year. We are so grateful to CSTA and Lockheed Martin for their support of women in STEM and furthering our computer science education.

Student Highlight

Katherine and Phoebe, CCHS
Katherine Guerrerio, '23, and Phoebe Taylor, '24, were selected to present at the inaugural CSHS Leadership Summit in spring 2023. As the current and incoming Presidents for the RPCS chapter of Computer Science Honors Society, Katherine and Phoebe presented to computer science teachers and students about their Lockheed Martin-funded activity, CSHS Escape!, that was created for our middle school students last year (read more below). They led participants through their design process and provided resources so other schools could replicate the same activities that engaged our students in a variety of computer science subjects, including cybersecurity, logic puzzles, and programming. We are so proud of how well these STEM students represented RPCS!

CSHS Inspires Younger STEM Students

Dr. Neda Blackburn

Dr. Neda Blackburn

The Holliday Heine STEM Institute Director / US Computer Science

Total number of participants to date: 197 (typically around 40% of the junior class)

2022: 35
2021: 32
2020: 24
2019: 50
2018: 31
2017: 25