Integrated Math

We want to empower our girls to feel confident in their mathematical abilities and achieve a deep level of mathematical reasoning. Our rigorous integrated math program develops mathematicians who can transfer their skills to solve new and complicated problems, rather than simply memorizing one way of solving equations.

What does integrated math mean?

Instead of teaching one math subject a time, such as fractions or pre-algebra, the integrated math curriculum throughout RPCS focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking and connecting and building upon different math concepts, and drawing from prior knowledge to encourage deeper learning. In grades 8 through 11, we teach the Harkness math curriculum, which was established at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Why do we teach an integrated math curriculum?

By teaching creative and flexible approaches to solving problems, students gain a deeper understanding of these math concepts and how they are intertwined, which also expands their future possibilities in STEM fields. When girls feel empowered and confident in their mathematical abilities, they will continue to take risks and persevere through mistakes and failure.

What Our Students Say About Our Math Program

“The math program at RPCS is difficult, but manageable. I started integrated math a year ago, and I cannot imagine going back to a regular math program. With the teacher’s help, I have become an extremely confident math student and my grades have improved significantly.” 

Olamide, 9th grade

“I’m enjoying integrated math. I like it because you’re in charge of your own learning. I love integrated math because each night when you’re doing the problems, you might not completely understand the topic yet, but you’re doing your best and putting in your best effort to complete the challenge. And then the next day you learn from everyone else how they tried to go at the problems…It’s also a different perspective on learning math and algebra.”

Erin, 8th grade

“My favorite subject is math because I like to be challenged. My math class pushes me, but never to the point where I want to give up. Even though our math program can be difficult, I find joy in being able to solve a problem that initially seemed impossible. Whatever the problem, I know my teacher and classmates will help me.”

Cydney, 12th grade

“My favorite class is math because there are so many different ways to solve problems.”

Colbi, 5th grade