Independent Study

The independent study elective, offered to 11th and 12th graders, empowers students to take ownership of their education and embrace new experiences. Students design their semester around an idea, topic, or goal they want to pursue. The learning journey is thus customized for each student, who will then work toward their objectives with a faculty mentor. Along the way, students will discover what they need to learn, rethink some of their assumptions, make adjustments as needed, and challenge themselves. By structuring our independent study elective this way, students have the opportunity to pursue their academic, creative, entrepreneurial, or civic passions more deeply and fully.

Independent Study Student Spotlight: Skylar C, 2024 All About You Podcast

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All About You

Since beginning high school, Skylar has become increasingly involved within the student body, beginning with her participation with the Student Wellness Organization in ninth grade. There, she discovered her passion for the wellness of our community and began her advocacy for it. After being a member on this committee for two years and becoming a president Zen Club as a sophomore with two of her classmates, she applied for an independent study into teenage wellness through a leadership program at RPCS and All About You was born. 

All About You is a podcast created with the intention of sharing Skylar's wellness and self care tips with her peers, but it evolved through the first season into an educational platform where she discusses not only tips for physical wellness, but also on intersectionality, decision making, mental health and self love. According to Skylar, "this podcast has provided me with an opportunity to expand my own knowledge of wellness as well as explore other topics I am less familiar with, all while creating a safe outlet for my friends and community to educate themselves on wellness and form effective self care habits. By creating this podcast, I hope to develop deeper relationships with my community by being a friend to anyone who feels that they are struggling. I aim to be relatable, intentional, and reassuring within each episode."

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