Wellness Leadership Workshop

All Middle School students are required to take a Wellness Leadership Workshop. This program is a year-long program split into two parts: a half year of wellness taught by Danae Hamlet and a half year of leadership taught by Toni Armstrong. 

RPCS is thrilled to welcome the fifth grade class into the Middle School for the 2025-26 school year. Learn more on the Fifth Grade Transition FAQ page. 

6th grade
Students are introduced to the leadership part of the Wellness Leadership Seminar by exploring leadership styles and practicing team building skills. Topics include leadership in the classroom, self-advocacy, self-awareness, and group dynamics. These themes are aligned with the 6th grade theme of wayfinding.

7th grade
Students in the 7th grade leadership workshop section will focus on what it means to belong to the greater Baltimore City community. They will also address reproductive health and justice, which will lay the groundwork for a required ninth grade leadership seminar: Jhpiego Changemakers. 

8th grade
The leadership workshop part of the eighth grade Wellness Leadership Workshop studies the themes of voice and choice, the eighth grade sub-themes, through the lenses of emotional intelligence and group dynamics. Topics include leadership styles, adaptive leadership, approaching conflict, building inclusion, self-awareness, amygdala hijacking, and more.