Eighth Grade Capstone

At Roland Park Country School, we believe that we are stronger when we work together. Our school is defined by a collaborative spirit. In fact, the first of our five core values is: Build Each Other Up. The Gore Leadership Institute Eighth Grade Capstone encompasses this core value.
Each experience is an opportunity to empower a student who will one day empower another. The GLI Eighth Grade Capstone provides a culmination of the Middle School experience. By eighth grade, students have learned how to evaluate sources, analyze information, take notes, think critically, discuss ideas, and take initiative with their learning process. The Capstone experience offers students the opportunity to apply these classroom skills to the real world in order to learn how to learn from life experience. Students venture out of comfort zones on their shadow day investigations and discover how prior knowledge deepens and enriches experiences. They realize first-hand how much more can be learned and gained from having background knowledge, asking key questions, taking strategic notes, and proactively seeking information. In other words, students experience the power of knowledge.
This program is a taste of what lies ahead in The Gore Leadership Institute in Upper School. It is our aim that students come out of the program with increased confidence, new skills, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire for more learning opportunities in “the classroom of the world.”