Middle School Teams

At RPCS, we understand that Middle School is time of transition. To help our students navigate the journey from childhood to adolescence, we assign each of them an advisory led by a faculty advisor, who is a member of our grade level teams. These smaller groups provide safe spaces for our girls to ask questions, form bonds, try new things, and become comfortable and confident in our REDS community.

Sixth Grade Team

Wayfinding: Navigation and Independence
The first year in Middle School is one where students build a foundation for the years to come. Sixth graders are the wayfinders navigating new classrooms, schedules, and what it means to be a Middle Schooler at RPCS. Through wayfinding, students gain a sense of independence both personally and academically as they begin to develop a deeper connection to the larger world. This is the year we focus particularly on the RPCS core value to live healthy and be wellSixth graders start the year with a roller skating mixer with other Baltimore independent schools as a way to connect with peers far and wide. They will end the year with an overnight camping trip to Echo Hill as a way to put their wayfinding skills to the test as they orient themselves and navigate new and different environments.

Team Lead & Advisor

Jenna Conny

Jenna Conny

Titles: MS Geography / Team 6 Leader
6th grade team
Echo Hill 6th grade MS trip

Taking those wayfinding skills that have been developed throughout the year, the sixth grade embarks on an annual camping trip to Echo Hill in the spring. 

6th grade engineers club MS visit

Learning outside of the classroom is always a privilege. Sixth graders enjoy many of these experiences, including visiting the Baltimore Engineer's Club, pictured here. 

MS entrepreneurs IYKYK

Leadership and entrepreneurial skills run strong in Middle School! Pictured are two sixth grade entrepreneurs with some of their products for sale!

immersion day MS library of congress

Every Middle Schooler participates in our annual Immersion Day. Locations change annually, but can include the Library of Congress (pictured), The National Museum of Asian History, Ford's Theater, and more.


Seventh Grade Team
Belonging: Community and Identity
In the seventh grade, we focus on belonging, while teaching students increased self-advocacy. We have a curricular focus on identity and community. Students are introduced to the Gore Leadership Institute and can take on student leadership roles. We also focus on social-emotional learning and how to work with others, as well as the core values of building each other up and seeking and embracing diversity. Students go camping at Calleva in the spring, and RPCS hosts the first area school mixer in the fall.

Team Lead & Advisor

Monica Recht

Monica Recht

Titles: MS History / MS World Languages / Team 7 Leader
7th grade team

Every year, the seventh grade spends multiple nights bonding and experiencing outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, ziplining and a ropes course at Calleva. 

dragster air powered cars MS

One of Middle School's favorite science projects are in seventh grade: creating air powered dragster racers. 

MS girl at locker

Whether hanging out and catching up with friends in the halls and outside courtyards, or participating in a wellness class, at RPCS we understand how critical a vibrant student life environment is for our girls. 

MS Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite days in the Middle School! It's a beloved tradition of showcasing individual and group costumes across the Sinex stage. 


Eighth Grade Team

Advocating: Voice and Choice
The eighth grade does not waste any time bringing on the fun. We always begin the school with a trip off campus that includes games, ice breakers and sweet treats! The great rite of passage in the eighth grade is delivering a speech to the whole Middle School during Morning Meeting. Students are assigned a date and a mentor and begin preparing their speeches with guidance in English class. Students also have many opportunities for leadership positions. We also spotlight the eighth grade class every month on their Special Day, which coincides with their graduation year (the Class of 2028's special day is on the 28th of every month, or the school day closest to that date).  

Team Lead & Advisor

Cari Hummel

Cari Hummel

Titles: MS English / Team 8 Leader
8th grade team
MS musical

Eighth graders are encouraged to try out for leadership roles and activities, including starring in the spring musical!

8th grade capstone project

The Eighth Grade Capstone Project is a wonderful introduction to The Gore Leadership Institute.

MS girls singing

In eighth grade, the girls are offered the chance to become an Eighth Grade Singer. This group performs at concerts and other events throughout the year. 

MS girls spirit day

Friendly competitions between the RED and WHITE teams are more active than ever in eighth grade, as each team strives to conclude their time in Middle School as the reigning champs!