Fourth Grade

Reading Revolution

Grade four girls begin to develop the academic, organizational and social skills that prepare them for the rigors of fifth grade and the transition into Middle School.

These curious young minds are ready to learn specific study skills, make choices in their academic pursuits, and navigate relationships with more sensitivity and empathy. The fourth grade girl is beginning to think more critically and delve into topics with more high level questions. The desire to have a say in their learning is growing strong. Our girls now question information, challenge us with new ideas, and start to push the limits of their learning. It is an exciting year packed with learning activities! 

Special Events in Fourth Grade


Pre-Preakness Visit to Pimlico Race Course

The fourth grade has the unique experience of visiting Pimlico Race Track the week leading up to Preakness. They learn more about the history of Preakness, talk to the trainers, and even get to meet the horses!


Fourth Grade Talent Show

Each spring, the fourth grade gets to showcase their individual talents in a beloved talent show! Performances range from singing and dancing to playing instruments, monologues, roller skating and boxing!

Irvine Nature Center, Native American studies

Partnership with St. Elizabeth School through Nora Project