First Grade

1st grade poetry festival
Roses with Rosebuds
LS gardening

Friendship, family and community are themes woven into the first grade year. Since our girls either come to first grade from our kindergarten or outside RPCS, it is essential to teach the skills for solving conflict, finding positive ways of communicating ideas, and building respect for everyone’s diverse interests in order to cultivate solid relationships to last for the years ahead. The girls build on the idea of knowing the RPCS community by exploring the community at large. Students are encouraged to look outside of their classroom and find ways to understand and impact the world. Exploring the neighborhood, or the Backwoods, and completing community service projects teaches responsibility outside of ourselves. This is the year that reading starts to come to life and with it the world opens up! Girls leave first grade with the communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in second grade and beyond. 

Special Events in First Grade

first grade poetry festival

Poetry Festival

The First Grade Ornithology (Bird) Poetry Festival is the culmination of interdisciplinary projects throughout the second half of the school year that beautifully combines in-depth social studies lessons with science research, writing and public speaking. 

spring harvest feast - 1st grade

Harvest Feasts

In first grade the girls get to harvest the vegetables and herbs that they planted in kindergarten to create wonderful, garden to table dishes in a beloved harvest feast! The Harvest Feasts occur in the fall and spring and teach the girls the benefits of healthy eating and nutrition while incorporating math and science skills. 

Roses with Rosebuds

Dancing with the Roses

A beloved tradition in the Lower School, every year the first graders, lovingly referred to as Rosebuds, partner with the Roses, our Upper School auditioned dance ensemble group, in the winter concert. The girls form bonds that last multiple years and is another benefit of having all divisions under one roof. 

goods and services walk

Community Walk to Learn About Goods and Services

RPCS is a proud member of the Roland Park community! As part of the first grade goods and services unit in social studies, the girls go on a field trip across the street to visit local businesses and discuss the difference between providing goods or a service. The local businesses love welcoming the girls to the stores and the students always have fun stories to share when they return!