Pre-Kindergarten Program

Little Reds Prek header
The Little Reds co-ed pre-k program focuses on preparing young students to enter kindergarten with the habits of mind that will enable them to succeed in the classroom and for a lifetime of learning.
Our pre-k program focuses on the intellectual and social-emotional skills required for each child’s success in kindergarten. Through a combination of group instruction, hands-on exploration, movement, games, and songs, students build knowledge and hone skills that will prepare them for the school years ahead. Our teachers are masters in presenting lessons that are designed to motivate and reach all learners. There is a strong emphasis on experiences with collaboration and transitions to prepare students for the increased academic and social-emotional expectations of kindergarten. Students learn to gain confidence in their own capabilities while working in partnership with classmates to achieve common goals.
Given the expansive nature of our K-12 programs, we're able to provide additional resource classes which allow children to have exposure to new teaching styles while building resiliency and flexibility through scheduled transitions. Lessons for our pre-kindergarten classes are specifically designed to build a strong foundation for success for our girls entering Roland Park Country School and for our boys entering neighboring schools. During their final year of Little Reds, students are ready to expand their social experiences to encompass the entire RPCS community and all it has to offer. As part of this expansion, they take part in larger community events and celebrations, as well as planned Lower School programs. These experiences solidify that school is a welcoming and exciting place where we celebrate the curiosity of children, infuse a love of learning into all classroom experiences and empower our children to build the social-emotional skills that define success in the classroom and in life. View our curriculum here.