JJM Multicultural Resource Center

Named for the late Juanita Jackson Mitchell, a Baltimorean and an internationally renowned advocate of human rights two of whose granddaughters have graduated from RPCS, the Juanita Jackson Mitchell Multicultural Resource Center provides the RPCS community with an extensive library collection, exhibitions, activities, guest speakers and performances throughout the academic year, all related to creating a better understanding of and appreciation for the many different cultures in the world. It is the only independent school resource center of its kind in the area.

Juanita Jackson Mitchell believed that racism played no part in humankind. She encouraged her children and grandchildren to pursue their dreams and believed that they could make a difference. The Mitchell family has a legacy at RPCS. Juanita’s granddaughters Micah Mitchell Hines, 1995 and  Juanita Mitchell, 2001 were graduates and currently her great granddaughter Kenna Mitchell, 2022 is in the Middle School.

Thanks to the generosity of Michael Bowen Mitchell, the third son of Mrs. Mitchell, the JJMMRC was given access to a treasure trove of family photographs and memorabilia through which the story of Juanita Jackson Mitchell’s life is told in Crusader for Freedom – a traveling exhibit. 

The academic and moral development of each student is encouraged and nurtured through a program that combines individual attention, rigorous academics and an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. With this in mind, RPCS has created a resource center specifically to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultures that make up the fabric of America.

Mission Statement

The Juanita Jackson Mitchell Multicultural Resource Center was established to develop and house a collection of multicultural resources within the Faissler Library of Roland Park Country School.

Believing that through knowledge, one can develop a greater understanding, tolerance and respect for all people and cultures, our goal is to provide a place where students can study in depth the cultures that are reflected in the RPCS community, the United States and the world at large.

From the beginning, through its collection of books, multi-media resources, instructional materials, exhibits, assemblies and workshops, the Center has been committed to  fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultures that make up  the fabric of America.