At Roland Park Country School, we encourage our students to question everything. We seek out the spark of insight that leads our students to become scientists, inventors, and investigators of issues and phenomena. We encourage our students to use facts and creativity to imagine solutions to complex problems. By harnessing a student’s curiosity and encouraging her to take risks, we create an environment where she has the confidence to ask questions and the tools and resources to persevere through failure and make her answers a reality. 

“Our teachers encourage us to be confident and to take risks. Because of this, we are able to find innovative solutions to complex problems.”Upper School Student

Innovation Spaces

RPCS has two Innovation Spaces, each tailored to meet the needs of the age groups they serve. Learn More


At Roland Park Country School, STEAM (grades K through 5) and STEM (grades 6 through 12) are purposefully integrated into our school curriculum to expose our students to all of these concepts in a coordinated and meaningful way. Learn More

RPCS Laptop Program

Roland Park Country School’s laptop program includes Grades 8 through 12. Students are welcome to bring in a laptop of their choice as long as it fulfills the minimum requirements that are listed below:

  • i5 Processor
  • 128 gbs of storage
  • 8 gbs of memory

If you would like to purchase a laptop through the school’s preferred vendor then you can place an order through their website
If you receive Financial Aid then it will be applied to the overall cost of the laptop if you purchase it through our preferred vendor. 
If you have my questions please do not hesitate to contact Network Administrator Kedrick Horne at