5th Grade Transition to Middle School

Class of 2031

Roland Park Country School is proud to announce that the fifth grade will
join our Middle School for the 2025-2026 school year!

As leaders in all-girls education, RPCS is proud to announce the elevation of our fifth grade class to become the primary entry point of our Middle School experience, beginning in the 2025-2026 school year. This change allows us to enhance the academic and extracurricular experiences of an increasingly dynamic and exceptional group of young women at RPCS who exhibit advanced maturity, intellectual curiosity, and academic and social-emotional intelligence.

Moving fifth grade to Middle School offers an incredible opportunity to continue widening and deepening curricular and co-curricular journeys for fifth grade students. Given our strong understanding of the increased benefits of these opportunities, this new structure will be centered on creating a bridge between the exceptional efforts of our Lower School and the new opportunities available for these students in the Middle School.

Rest assured, this transition allows us to preserve and evolve the wonderful traditions our students, parents and alumnae treasure so deeply here at RPCS. In addition to celebrating what we already do well, we are eager to add new, exciting, and meaningful experiences in both the Lower and Middle Schools.


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