Strategic Planning

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Charting a Dynamic Course Forward

Roland Park Country School’s new strategic plan will chart a dynamic course forward to position RPCS as the premier school for the next generation of female leaders.

In February 2024, the final strategic plan for RPCS was presented to the Board of Trustees. We are so excited as the results of our collaborative and meticulous work comes into full focus and we look forward to sharing the final plan with our community in the fall of 2024 and moving into the implementation phase. Be sure to look out for a few updates along the way until then!

Our Strategic Planning Process 
Our strategic design preparation began with a Board of Trustees retreat, where school leaders discussed the opportunities and realities related to the success and future of RPCS. We then conducted a community-wide survey soliciting feedback about experiences, insights and aspirations to include perspectives from the entire school community. After a comprehensive summary of the survey findings was shared with the Board of Trustees, RPCS formed a strategic design team (SDT) and institutional strategy committee (ISC) comprised of school leadership and trustees to move forward with the development of a plan. We partnered with external consultant Greenwich Leadership Partners on this phase of the work.

Building on knowledge gathered from the survey, the SDT, ISC, and six teaching and learning teams made up of faculty, staff, and Board members, participated in more than 20 meetings to discuss ideas for how to best advance our work. Throughout this time, the SDT collaborated thoughtfully and intentionally to create and articulate a clear vision for Roland Park Country School’s future by developing a framework with four strategic pillars and supporting priorities for each one. They also solicited feedback from members of the community to further consider and refine the ideas proposed in the final plan that was presented to the Board of Trustees in February 2024. We are partnering with the branding consultancy Generation on this exciting phase of our strategic planning process. 

Strategic Design Team Members

Caroline Blatti, Head of School

David Clapp, P'26 Board Member (co-chair)

Kyle Gore

Kyle Gore, P’15, P’17, P’20, President, Board of Trustees (ex-officio)

Elisha James, Director of K-12 Student Life and Engagement

Elisha James, Assistant Head of School for Culture, Community and Belonging

Sara Rollfinke

Sara Rollfinke, Upper School Head

Chip Smith

Chip Smith, P'24 Board Member

facilitators and partners

To help us produce our very best work, we engaged Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP) at the beginning of our strategic design process to serve as our external consultant partner in this important endeavor.
We have recently engaged with Generation, a branding consultancy that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations, to synthesize our visionary thinking, extend our message to the greater community and bring our  strategic plan to life. 
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