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It is clear that RPCS has worked hard over the years to create an atmosphere of respect and trust within a diverse student body. The School wisely sees the work of being an inclusive community as ongoing and knows well that it is important to ensure that the girls see themselves reflected in the students and adults around them as well as in the curriculum. The commitment to providing not only a challenging and joyful learning environment, but also a safe social and emotional climate, will serve the students well now and in the future. It is evident that RPCS seeks to educate the whole child in ways that promote strong character and habits of mind within a safe, joyful, and trusting community.

The student body at the School is extraordinary. Students continually show themselves to be kind, respectful, and compassionate to each other, the faculty, and the community at large. RPCS should take great pride in the maturity and sensitivity of its student body.

The faculty and alumnae of the School impart to the students, through both explicit instruction and implicit modelling, the values of empathy, respect, and compassion. Additionally, the School truly lives its stated philosophy to instill in its students of all ages the “responsibility to look within and beyond themselves to contribute to and serve as stewards and leaders of their communities.” The responsibility and leadership that the student body exhibits is impressive and commendable.

In addition, the faculty demonstrates a reflective and responsive approach to high quality teaching. There is ample evidence that the School seeks to meet the needs of each student within a rigorous setting. The commitment to evaluating assessments allows the School to analyze the effectiveness of the overall academic program and provide data for further growth, reflection, and responsiveness.

A wide range of co-curricular offerings, as well as unique opportunities to dive deeply into certain subject areas, allow for exposure to many kinds of learning experiences in and out of the classroom. These offerings also provide students with opportunities for an in-depth exploration in their personal areas of passion.

Visiting Committee of the Association of Independent Maryland Schools & the Nation’s Capital (2016)