Philosophy and Guiding Principles


At Roland Park Country School, we believe that young women who build each other up will thrive. There’s no hurdle too high for an RPCS girl because she has the collective support of her community lifting her toward her goals. While this spirit sets us apart from other schools, it’s the effect on our graduates that’s so remarkable: Roland Park Country School students develop a profound understanding of who they are and how to lead together to impact the world.


Roland Park Country School, a college preparatory school for girls, is dedicated to the intellectual and moral development of its students. We cultivate creativity, independence of thought, tenacity of purpose, self-discipline, and emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. We maintain high academic standards, uphold tradition, and promote innovation. We nurture a cooperative, resilient spirit within an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. In a diverse, inclusive, and joyful community, Roland Park Country School strives to instill in its students a lifelong love of learning, as well as the responsibility to look within and beyond themselves to contribute to and serve as stewards and leaders of their communities.


The standards of the Roland Park Country School are based on the School philosophy. As a member of the RPCS student body, each student is expected to act in accordance with this philosophy and to be aware that she represents her School both on and off campus.

A Roland Park Country School student is expected to have a sense of honor coupled with a sense of responsibility, to be considerate to others, and to exhibit qualities of truthfulness, sincerity and self-discipline. She values the spirit of fellowship which characterizes the spirit of RPCS and seeks to contribute to School life.


In support of the philosophy and standards of RPCS, honor in every phase of School and personal life should be scrupulously maintained. An honorable person is trustworthy and trusts others. Developing and maintaining this spirit of honesty and trust is the task of all students and faculty. It is clear that honorable conduct must pervade all actions and relationships of students, faculty, and staff of the School. It is because of this principle of honor that RPCS students enjoy a creative and flexible routine, a relaxed atmosphere and many freedoms.


You Belong. At Roland Park Country School, we strive for equity and understanding in all we do. We cultivate a safe and healthy environment where we welcome and appreciate each student, employee, family, graduate, and guest. As a joyful, diverse community, we celebrate differences for the value and strength they bring to RPCS.