In a time of need, to see the humanity in us all. We continue to see the senseless violence and bigoted responses against Black bodies from the systemic racism that enables such inhumane treatment.  The continued existence and enactment of racism poses a factual threat to the lives of Black and marginalized people in the US. As a community at RPCS, we are outraged. In response, we are actively working within our walls to stand in the face of injustices. We are committing ourselves to the work to becoming an anti-racist school and community and ask you to join us. While we know this work is deeply rooted, and highly systemic, we intend to stand against, address and eradicate all forms of racism and oppressive acts within our community. We are many, we are one — and together we stand against racism.

-       Dr. Owens, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion