Affinity Spaces

Beginning in early October 2019, we will launch our Lower School affinity spaces for the year! All groups will take place on different cycle days, from 3:15-4 p.m. As a reminder, affinity spaces are for people of a particular identifier (for example, RPCS is an affinity space for girls). These spaces offer an opportunity for people who may experience the world differently to share their experiences and be in community with one another. They are also an opportunity for partnership and mentorship from students in upper grades. Read about common questions regarding affinity spaces here, and click here to read about one school’s journey with affinity spaces. 
This year, we will have three Lower School affinity space offerings for our students. ALL of the spaces will be referred to as “Branches & Leaves," which is a reference to our centennial song and its emphasis on all students being different branches and leaves of the same tree. The song goes on to say, “We are many, we are one." The groups offered this year are:
  • Branches and Leaves: Brown Students
    • This affinity group is for students who present and identify as Brown. This includes, but is not limited to, students who are African American, Asian, Latina, Multi-racial, Native American, and more.
  • Branches and Leaves: Jewish Students
    • This affinity group is for students who identify with the Jewish faith and/or culture.
  • Branches and Leaves: Students with separated parents
    • This affinity group is for students whose parents are no longer together. Anyone who feels as though they may fit this description is welcome to attend, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about if this group is applicable to your child.
To sign your child up to attend an affinity space, please click here.
Students will not be permitted to attend Branches and Leaves without explicit parent permission. You will receive further information about the dates and times of the meetings after you sign your child up.
A few things to note:
  • If your child was in our affinity group for Brown girls last year, they are automatically re-enrolled unless you request otherwise.
  • If your child is in kindergarten, we will not start Branches and Leaves until January 2020 to give them time to settle into school life. Students in grades 1-5, however, will begin early October.
  • We will have an allyship day on December 12, 2019, during which students from all three groups will present about the meaning and importance of their groups, and all members of our community will be invited to attend (students, families, teachers, etc).
Please email Akailah McIntyre or Lisa Teeling with any questions or concerns!
Looking forward to a great year of Branches and Leaves!