Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It is nothing short of honorable to have the responsibility of educating the future leaders of our society. It is a charge that must be approached with the utmost intentionality. To that end, RPCS is dedicated to embracing the diversity among us, seeking further opportunities to diversify across forms of identity, and preparing our students to go into the world with the intention of serving as change agents. We are intentional in reminding our students that they are responsible for standing up for what is right and initiating dialogue across differences, remaining true to their own identities all the while. We find every opportunity to educate them on how vital it is to see the world through the eyes of someone who experiences it differently, as we cannot truly exist in this world as leaders without considering the perspectives of those who are often marginalized. At RPCS, we educate leaders by reminding them that pursuing diversity is their responsibility. Every day is a new opportunity to spark change.

Onward and upward,
Akailah McIntyre
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

RPCS faculty and staff are part of professional development opportunities that occur throughout the school year (approximately 5-10, depending on the division). We recognize that in order for our students to embody our core value of “seek and embrace diversity,” we must be culturally competent educators who hone our practice and build the necessary skills to engage in dialogue about difference.

Diversity and Inclusion by Division

Akailah McIntyre

Akailah McIntyre

Titles: Director of Diversity and Inclusion / US English