Culture, Community & Belonging

You Belong. At Roland Park Country School, we strive for equity and understanding in all we do. We cultivate a safe and healthy environment where we welcome and appreciate each student, employee, family, graduate, and guest. As a joyful, diverse community, we celebrate differences for the value and strength they bring to RPCS.


The Office of Culture, Community and Belonging shapes and develops approaches, policies and processes that support the school’s commitment to a thriving culture and community at RPCS. With an emphasis on program intersectionality in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, student life, leadership, and belonging, this office examines and implements student life programs that contribute to a healthy, thriving student culture and advances strategic priorities of the School that relate to developing and evolving a positive, proactive, and collaborative culture and community.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Life

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Ms. Elisha James

Ms. Elisha James

Assistant Head of School for Culture, Community and Belonging

““As we strive to build up, nurture and lead current and future students, it is imperative that we allow our core values to guide us and that we look within and beyond ourselves to grapple with the complexities and beauty of school life.” Elisha James

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Why RPCS - Middle School girls

Upcoming Community Events

  • Sunday, November 3, 2024: 13th Annual Red Hot Run

2024 Black and Beyond Core Value Awards

The Black & Beyond Convocation sought to create a space for Black students to feel seen and celebrated. During the Black & Beyond Convocation in February 2024, we highlighted and honored Black students in our community who exemplify the very best of RPCS.

Since 1901, Roland Park Country School has been graduating driven and spirited women who take the world by storm. Many of our alumnae can pinpoint a moment, a class, or a teacher who inspired them to be the women they are today. Although these three women profiled here have had different career paths and a diverse range of experiences, you can clearly see how they credit their remarkable teachers at RPCS for pushing them – teaching them lessons that they now pay forward to others.

Makayla B&B

Makayla works diligently in academics and sports and takes advantage of the opportunities presented to her. When there are still problems to present in math class, she will volunteer to do a second one if needed.

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Sydney B&B

Sydney has stepped up tremendously and become more vocal and involved in the Middle School community this year. As someone who is a bit shy, she has developed positive risk-taking skills that have, in return, awarded her to build a great amount of confidence in herself, her knowledge, and her abilities.

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Phoebe B&B

Phoebe is involved in lots of different aspects of student life at RPCS. One nominator wrote, “I am so impressed with the way Phoebe has turned her love and concern for the environment into actual change by starting the Sustainability Club and the Environauts social innovation program.”

Read More about Phoebe T., 2024
Najah B&B

Najah embodies all of the qualities of a person who is both self aware and has a love for people. She can always be counted on for support, love, and a good joke, which she always presents in a humble and admirable manner.

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Geri B&B

Geri is always putting in effort for her health, working out in the fitness center even when she doesn't have sports. She balances her academic responsibilities and commitment to fitness by maximizing her productivity with her school work and exercising in her free time.

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Laila B&B

Whether it is through educating members of the community, or through expression in forms of art, Laila shows interest and pride in embracing all cultures, while also gaining an even better understanding of her own.

Read More about Laila C., 2024