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We are like a nation, different faces, different ages.
We are like a cherry tree. Many branches many leaves. We are many but we are one.

 Part 2 of the Roland Park Country School Centennial Song

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Roland Park Country School welcomes, celebrates, and embraces differences from the very youngest of ages. As such, our ‘Branches and Leaves’ program seeks to affirm the brilliance, power and strength of our students who may not always be in the majority. In order to do so, we have affinity groups that we refer to as "Branches and Leaves." The name comes from an ode to our centennial song… “We are many, we are one. Many branches, many leaves.” Each group has an adult advisor(s) who develops curriculum activities, creates places of belonging and helps the students to love and appreciate their identities. The groups that we offer for K-5 students are:

  • Branches and Leaves for Black Girls
  • Branches and Leaves for Jewish Girls
  • Branches and Leaves for Muslim Girls