Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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RPCS Anti-Racism Statement

We dedicate ourselves to the work of addressing our own personal and institutional biases, practices, policies, and procedures. We affirm our commitment to identifying, addressing and eradicating racism and oppressive acts within our community.

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RPCS Stronger Together: An Action Plan for Strengthening Culture and CommunityLaunched in February 2022, RPCS Stronger Together: An Action Plan for Strengthening Culture and Community is a foundational blueprint of goals, guiding principles and commitments to support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at Roland Park Country School. This detailed plan will grow and evolve to continuously meet the needs of our community. Please check back regularly to see updates of our progress.

CCB Student Spotlights!

Lala Blumenfeld

Lala Blumenfeld, 2026

Lala started Think Pink Day in the RPCS Lower School when she was in third grade. Now, 7 years later, as a member of the Think Pink Club, Lala has grown Think Pink Day into an all-school fundraiser where girls K-12 donate to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Katherine G headshot

Katherine Guerrerio, 2023

Katherine started Community Reads because she realized that when growing up, all of the characters in the books she read looked like her. She wanted to introduce young children to people who might look different or have different beliefs than they do. As of 2023, Community Reads has taught 704 children, reading 10 books in 49 individual locations across 6 locations, including schools and public libraries. 

MS entrepreneurs IYKYK

Maya & Katie, 2029

Maya and Katie began their own apparel company in 2022 in response to hearing that RPCS would be hosting a Holiday Fair. The company IYKYK (If You Know You Know) sells clothing and accessories that help recreate the feeling of being at home and connecting with those who understand the stories, traditions, and experiences that from from RPCS.